Chevron - Workplace Safety Compliance






Tools Used

Microsoft ASP.NET & SQL Server

Customer Profile

Chevron is a world leader in the energy market with integrated companies providing both exploration and production as well as manufacturing, products and transmission. Chevron also has interests in chemicals, mining, power operations and technology innovation in alternative energy. Chevron has a strong culture of organizational safety.

Business Situation - The Challenge

Management of employee safety data is a critical function for oil and gas operations and in many other related industries. The growing use of contract labor makes it an even tougher challenge to ensure a safe working environment and to meet industry and regulatory guidelines. This was the case for Chevron.

Across multiple facilities with tens of thousands of workers, Chevron required its employees to report potential workplace safety risks on paper forms that were then manually audited by management. While the audit clearly identified potential safety hazards, the tedious entry and documentation process was a deterrent for employees to actively engage and participate in the process. Chevron wanted to increase employee participation and make the process more effective and efficient.


We created a work area safety auditing business intelligence tool that dramatically increased the engagement of the client's employees, lowered lost time due to accidents and contributed to their winning numerous safety awards across divisions and disciplines.

We built a Work Area Self Audit tool by working with key stakeholders developing an efficient business process that helped them connect, integrate and accelerate their workplace safety compliance initiative reaching 45,000 participants across 28 member companies. As a direct result of this simple to use tool Chevron has consistently received recognition for its safety initiative with a marked reduction in number of days missed due to on the job injuries.

  • Company-wide buy in throughout affected business units
  • Supports extremely large number of users
  • Easy to use web-based software application eliminates tedious paper forms
  • Corporate meta-directory was utilized to automatically pre-fill employee information to avoid data entry errors
  • Unsafe behavior and conditions can be reported anonymously
  • Administering an incentive program is much easier
  • Automated e-mails encourage more frequent observations and facilitate dissemination of critical information
  • On-line training and testing is available
  • The software is easy to customize for various work environments and job functions
  • Change is reinforced and encouraged with success stories and industry recognition
  • Extensive data mining and visualization of safe and unsafe behavior is automated
  • It presents the forms in multiple languages
  • It encourages employees to change behavior because of active employee collaboration
  • A full suite of reporting and administrative tools completes the software package.