SharePoint Solutions

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your company with a SharePoint Intranet.

As organizations grow in size and sophistication, we work with senior leadership to help them manage the flow of information – which may span various geographical locations - even continents - and grows at an exponential rate. This information is constantly created and consumed. Efficiency and retention of your competitive edge relies on the open and smooth flow of information among your teams, allowing for better discovery, decision making and increased productivity.

We build digital solutions for the enterprise using Microsoft SharePoint technologies. We understand the digital landscape and how new, powerful technologies in that landscape can help elevate your company, streamline business processes and increase your employee’s productivity. Microsoft SharePoint intranets provide your employee’s with a powerful way to organize documents, share news and collaborate on projects.

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Technology offers highly useful functionality

  • Better document management – enterprise wide, secure accessibility
  • Enterprise wide search for content across the organization – remove silos
  • Enterprise social networks – highly collaborative teams are more productive
  • Project and workflow management – planning and reporting
  • Business intelligence – access information needed to make good business decisions