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Tools Used

Microsoft ASP.NET & SQL Server

Chevron Employee News
Customer Profile

Chevron is a world leader in the energy market with integrated companies providing both exploration and production as well as manufacturing, products and transmission. Chevron also has interests in chemicals, mining, power operations and technology innovation in alternative energy. Chevron has a strong culture of organizational safety.

Business Situation - The Challenge

Chevron was overwhelmed with the task of managing important employee news and critical personnel information. The information was sourced from multiple locations through a message bulletin board system. They needed a more efficient electronic central clearing house for sourcing, managing, distributing and archiving massive amounts of information content on a daily basis.


We created the Corporate News Portal for the client. The clients corporate office team approached Aptia seeking a solution. A working group was formed, a principal lead stakeholder was selected and requirements and use cases were gathered from various stakeholders. We then worked with the group to design a custom enterprise-grade content management and distribution software application based on these requirements.

One key requirement was that the application needed to connect to thousands (and later, tens of thousands) of subscribers. The corporate news application was launched as a central clearing house for employee news and information. Since inception, the application has grown in popularity and now supports additional information and data management for other business units throughout the organization.

Administrative Management & Detailed System Metrics
  • Provides a full suite of administrative tools that use a simple point-and-click interface requiring very little training or technical skill
  • Detailed metrics on article submissions, approvals, edits, and subscriptions can be easily exported to MS Excel or other tools
  • Flexible, template based user interface that helps users more easily submit articles
  • Templates allows for fast turnaround and customization easily modified to create layouts for different companies or divisions, as well as customized to include or exclude features
Article Archival & Data Retention
  • The application has a host of data retention options allowing the users to archive content for any designated period of time
RSS Feeds
  • RSS feeds allow easy inclusion of custom filtered headlines and article summaries from other sites without requiring additional custom programming or IT support