Chevron - Crisis Response Tool






Tools Used

Microsoft ASP.NET & SQL Server

Katrina Damage
Customer Profile

Chevron is a world leader in the energy market with integrated companies providing both exploration and production as well as manufacturing, products and transmission. Chevron also has interests in chemicals, mining, power operations and technology innovation in alternative energy. Chevron has a strong culture of organizational safety.

Business Situation - The Challenge

Post Hurricane Katrina, Chevron's Gulf Coast Operations had experienced severe disruption. Several of the company's offices in the Gulf Coast region were shut down and their employees were displaced. Chevron's New Orleans Operations and Human Resources contacted onsite Aptia team members to provide an online solution that would assist with contacting employees and gathering information related to their current personal and work status.


Within days, Aptia had developed an application which allowed Chevron's administrators the capability of tracking employee’s whereabouts, status and information to address their immediate needs as a result of the hurricane. Chevron also used the data to assist affected employees, and relocate them to unaffected facilities in close proximity.

Corporate Acceptance

As a direct result of the applications success, Chevron corporate adopted use of the application and requested that the workflow be taken a step further. Rather than simply using the application to account for employees affected by an event, they chose to use the application to keep track of critical employee information ‘pre-event’. An employee interface was designed so that end users could access the application and update their own personal information. The application was also tied-in to Chevron’s SAP system, so that critical employee data could be kept up-to-date. The employee’s current work location, emergency contact information and various other work-related data was automatically updated weekly via a bulk SAP import of data.

Corporate administrators were able to enter ‘events’ within the database and flag an employee record with a specific event (or events). A robust ad-hoc reporting interface provided a means for Reporting Administrators to extract custom reports as needed, so that critical data could be acted upon in a timely manner.

A Vital Crisis Response Tool

With over 18,000 North America employee records in the system today, the application has become a vital part of the Crisis Response Management process within the company. Aptia Systems is well-known throughout the corporation as a partner that has risen to the needs and met expectations as they relate to this solution. The client continues to provide new ideas and enhancements for this application. The system continues to be updated to meet the client’s needs, and stay ahead of today’s technologies.