Since 2002, Aptia has been delivering business solutions that help our customers solve critical business needs, allowing them to be more successful

Whether it is designing an architecture for a complex business application, determining the best flow for a business process that can be moved into a data-driven model, integrating disparate systems, or aggregating and displaying data in a way that is meaningful to users, Aptia's team of professionals is prepared to help you every step of the way.  From initial concept discussions to design, build and implementation, we will be right there with you.

Browser-based Application Development

We often have clients approach us with questions about information technology, specifically about taking complicated or messy business processes and streamlining them.  We've done this for large Fortune 100 clients and smaller businesses.  We pride ourselves on being here to help Houston and surrounding companies solve problems.  Whether your problem is that you have 20 spreadsheets to keep track of information that would be better served by having one web-accessible database and user interface or you need a global vendor management and rating system accessible by hundreds or thousands of simultaneous uses, we can help. Click here for more information.

Mobile Application Development

We've developed business applications for clients that run on the iPhone and iPad. Click here for more information.

Staff Augmentation Services

Some of our clients, such Chevron, need consultation and on-site staffing of personnel.  We have a core staff of seasoned developers that work very closely with our other team members, cross pollinating and spreading years of accumulated knowledge.  This knowledge also transfers to our clients internal teams.  We focus on a variety of term commitments, with many lasting several years. Click here for more information.

Staff Augmentation

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