DigitalScope Technology

Web-base High-Resolution Digital Image Application

Aptia Software, in partnership with Proficiency Testing Service, Inc., has developed a web-based high-resolution digital image sharing application using Microsoft ASP.NET and Silverlight technologies.

The application, DigitalScope™, allows viewers to instantly view and analyze giga-pixel images over a standard Internet connection on Windows™, Linux or Mac™ platforms using only a browser and the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

A zero-latency interface allows the user to duplicate standard microscope imaging tools

  • Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Zoom smoothly from 5x to 100x using the scroll mouse or keyboard short cuts
  • Quickly scan slide at low power and bookmark regions of interest for later viewing at higher magnification
  • View and analyze high-resolution images clearly at high magnification
  • Take precise measurements
  • Add Regions of Interest (ROI)

The Challenge

High-resolution digital files of microscopic images can easily run into the multi-gigabyte range - very big files. With typical Internet speeds of 8Mbit (high) to 50Mbit (ultra-high) these files can take a long time to share and download. Opening the downloaded image for viewing consumes massive amounts of RAM using multiple processor cycles and can quickly overload even the most robust system, often causing the computer to hang. There are often no tools with which to easily view and manipulate the image.

The Solution

DigitalScope™, a web-based extremely high-resolution digital image sharing application. One aspect of proficiency is determined by tests that include the laboratory's analysis of specific digital microscopic images. To make this process faster, easier and more reliable, Aptia Systems developed DigitalScope™ a system that uses its High-Resolution Digital Image Sharing Application to process and transmit digital microscopic images via a standard Internet connection for instant viewing and analysis by the laboratory.

DigitalScope is a suite of products including both a browser-based slide manager/editor and Silverlight slide viewer and iDigitalScope for the Apple iPad and iPhone.

DigitalScope showing an ant
  • Fully Web Based - built using Microsoft .NET family of products, including Silverlight and SQL Server
  • Unlimited Source Image uploads - only governed by your license
  • META data can be stored with each Source Image
  • Dashboard - Allows you to easily jump to the most common activities
  • Account Management
  • General Account Settings
  • Create Security Roles Based on Rules
  • Manage Users
  • Organize Users by Groups
  • Upload and Organize Images
  • Share Images
  • Embed Viewer in Your Web Site
  • Extremely smooth Pan and Zoom
  • Keyboard and mouse navigation
  • Navigation shortcuts - Regions of Interest
  • View in browser or expand fill screen

DigitalScope for the Apple® iPad and iPhone

iDigitalScope for the iPad and iPhone

DigitalScope now works on the iPhone and iPad.  With iDigitalScope you can easily view slide groups, selecting and viewing large giga-pixel slides over the Internet, selecting regions of interest and smoothly zooming in and out with simple gestures.

We haven't released iDigitalScope just yet. Please give us a call or drop a line if you would like more information or a demonstration.