Case Studies

Case Studies: Challenges = Solutions

Business Operations

Capital Equipment QA Screening A major energy company experienced over $500 million in lost time and revenue when a newly acquired piece of equipment failed to perform its basic task. Aptia Systems provided a custom software solution to help standardize quality assurance for major capital projects across the entire organization, helping the company control its business operations and reduce costs associated with critical equipment failure.


Approved Vendor Management A large energy technology client needed a means to quickly identify vendors with a proven track record for on time delivery of high quality products and materials. An electronic-form-based content management software program that allows procurement project managers to enter and access specific performance data for its vendors.


Corporate News Service A large energy business was overwhelmed with the task of managing important employee news and critical personnel information that was sourced from multiple locations through a message bulletin board system. They needed a more efficient electronic central clearing house for sourcing, managing, distributing and archiving massive amounts of data content on a daily basis. Aptia helped the client with a solid software solution.

IT Solutions

Task Tracker Our client’s Evergreen Information Protection (IP) process, managed through Microsoft™ Outlook Tasks, was under-performing due to poor compliance. Task execution, completion and final reporting were falling through the cracks. We designed an easy to use Web-based application to centralize all tasks, employee information and reporting functions on a secure IP Task Tracker website, complete with automatic notifications and follow-up.


Crisis Response We’ve developed solutions to track employees, help insure their safety and maintain business continuity.
Workplace Safety Compliance We've created an employee-driven work area safety auditing application that automatically alerts building management to get potential liabilities fixed before they affect the bottom line. A full suite of reporting and administrative tools completes the package.